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Love these! Exactly what I imagined. However. They don’t have the little plastic grips for your nose. They’re just metal.Great quality for a low price.Great glasses. Had them in my hands for all of 1 hour before they got stolen.

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These are great sunglasses. They’re flawless and very dark. Good looking too.The world looks better through Blueblockers.Glasses great, but were stolen.

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The sunglasses were better quality than expected. It was shipped in a safe package and the sunglasses came with a very nice box and protective pouch. You can over-extend the legs of the sunglasses with risk of breaking them as they extend a little more. They are in fact polarized and very stylish.LOVE these glasses

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Love these glasses! They feel really sturdy, look great, and the polarized lenses are awesome.Great glasses! They give me full coverage and are very stylish. They have thin sides, but are very sturdy.I remember seeing the original ad for BluBlockers back in the day but was a kid and forgot about them until recently searched

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These Seem to Do the Job. I wear with either contacts or glasses. No Problems at all.Great price, great product, I love this sunglasses.These are very nice glasses. The optics are very good; clear and without distortion. They look good too. I will be buying these again.

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I was so tired of just black fit over sunglasses. So happy to have blue as I wear a lot of blue clothing. These are priced so reasonably as well. Very pleased.I thought they were a little dark at first and maybe they are. But I became really impressed with them yesterday. I had another

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I love wearing and fits well. Protects my eye’s form uv rays. Loving it.Son loved his Woodies. Nice packaging, great product.Great. Nevertheles, you should have a large face if you are going to buy.

Knockoff mont blanc glasses rimless

Amazing! I loved them. Great packaging.Love these glasses GREAT QUALITY! Just as it is pictured above I can’t wait to wear them.Love the style. Love the polarization.

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I wasn’t expecting these to be as good as they are. They are well-made and great quality.These are perfect. Not super durable but look really good.Very happy with these sunglasses. Measured my glasses and compared to their size chart and it worked out perfectly. Wouldn’t mind if they were a little darker, but thrilled to

Knockoff mont blanc glasses rimless Canada

Great quality, very stylish, comes with a nice case and some handy accessories. My boyfriend *loves* them.These are not to heavy & not to light. Adjustable nose pieces makes it easy to fit to your face. It comes with both a soft & hard case. It came also with a soft cleaning cloth & a